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Evo-One for 2014 Toyota Tundra. Horn/Siren output not working

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I am trying to use the Horn/Siren output (-) on Evo-One for after market siren. It is pink/black wire accoring to the manual. I am running 79.24 and 1.15 on my Evo-One. I tried different combination of option for #12 but I am not getting any voltage detected on orange/black wire. Can you check the option on my Evo-One and let me know whether I have the options right per my service number? I would like to have a after market siren to give me a chirp when I am clicking the lock button on the remote whether I am locking the car or unlocking the car or what so ever. I set option 11.2 to cofirmation on LOCK/UNLOCK always.
asked Dec 13, 2014 in Toyota by Sung Kim (350 points)
edited Dec 15, 2014 by Sung Kim

1 Answer

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horn output is orange/black on EVOONE, are you sure you are following the right guide ?
answered Dec 14, 2014 by Sung Kim (85,190 points)
Yes, I understand that orange/black wire is - when trigged. I am testing with voltage meter to see whether it completes the circule when I have orange/black and 12v source. I also tested with relay and siren wired per Evo-All stand alone instruction as shown. Orange/black wire is connected to terminal 85 on relay. When terminal 85 is grounded, it will chirp or go off.

I am using Evo-One with factory remote only. I did not know that Evo-One stand alone will not manage horn/siren. I guess this anwers the mistery of why there is nothing detected on oranage/black wire. Thank for the information.
Yes, exactly. The EVO-ONE will not ouput when using the factory remote to lock/unlock since most vehicles already have factory alarm honking the horn. It would cause double honks all the time. I can see this option actually being added in the future though.
My 2014 Toyota Tundra will only beep when lock (one beep) and unlock (two beep). Beeper is located behind front bumper on the driver side. Horn is activated when factory alarm goes off or panic button is pressed. This is interesting. If I hook up the siren to beeper, it will only chirp on lock and unlock confirmation. But it will not go off when factory alarm goes off or panic button is pressed.

I would love to have horn/siren option enabled on Evo-One like Evo-All. This way it will chirp on factory remote. I don't mind both beep and siren going off at the same time.
Well.... if you do not mind the honk. Just wire the horn to trigger everytime you press lock :D
im having the exact same issue, 2015 tundra, everything works except for the horn output. I cannot get a horn confirmation with factory fob or with fortin rf kit. It was installed exactly as the instructions asked, I dont believe there is anything installed directly to the horn. I assumed that the evo would control those functions. I have yet to figure out a work around. One note, my alarm does go off when a door is opened and the alarm is active but it will not go off using the supplied fortin shock sensor nor will it confirm lock or unlock with 2 clicks. Wondering if adding an aftermarket siren to the evo unit would fix this issue or not, id rather have it function off of the horn though.