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Evo-One for 2014 Toyota Tundra 79.20 Hood sensor was diabled to remote start.

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Hello, I installed Evo-One on my vehicle yesterday. 2014 Toyota Tundra. I called support this morning because the remote start was not working. After the calling the support, he had me disabled the hood detect because was constantly flashing five times when I try to start the vehicle. I just tried again and set to detect hood and it would not start and flashs five times. I disabled it again and it works fine. Is this a bug with the firmware? I am running 79.20 and 1.15 on my Evo-One. Support checked that there is nothing connected to one of the wire for hood switch. I did not install the hood switch. Wondering...
asked Dec 6, 2014 in Toyota by Sung Kim (350 points)

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I'm running 79.15 and 1.11 for my 2014 Tundra, with no hood sensor and 3x's lock on factory fob is working for remote start.

See if re-flashing with those versions works for you.
answered Dec 7, 2014 by Russell Fick (580 points)
selected Dec 9, 2014 by Robert T
Thanks for your reply. I rather have Fortin fix the issue though.
Sure, but I received that information from another installer, who spoke with Fortin and was told to "try that".
I see. I will try it out. thx
Sung, some vehicles with or withour factory hood pin will show hood open on the can event hough the hood is closed. Until we have a vehicle in our hands that does that with the latest firmware, we will not be able to have a firmware fix. The solution right now for you with 79.20, as Alex told you, is to disable the Hood Status from the bypass options.

And as Russell said, you should try what he told you with 79.15.
Ah, that make sense. I will try 79.15. I do want to install hood switch for safety. If it fails, I will disable the hood status and wait for the fix. Thank you.
You can still connect a hood pin manually using the analog hood pin input.
Do you mean I can connect hood switch to anolog input without enabling can hood status option? I did some search and Toyota OEM remote start requires you to install hood switch.
I hooked up the hood switch to pink/black wire and it is working as designed. It will detect the hood open and remote start will be disabled or stop the engine when it is running. I am still running 79.20 and 1.15 with CAN Hood Status disabled in options. Thank you guys for all your help!
Where is the pink/black wire?