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2007 Dodge RAM - 6.7 L Diesel - EVO-ALL w/autostart - starter drags on indefinately

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EVO-ALL seems to program normally, Firmware 4.18 Hrdwr Vr 6.0 - remote starter (M/T truck) sets up, takes over, but the starter DRAGS badly untill you shut it down with brake. Attempted to re-learn tach (EVO-ALL pink) - Autostart reacts normally to tach programming - pulled EVO-ALL, re-flashed with recommended update with the Flashlink Manager. THis 2007 truck has no start line. But what might bother me is this truck had a previous system installed and the MUX line is modified with a piece of wire soldered in as the old system had been chopped out and about 12" of that ppl/brn has been replaced with another simillar guage wire, wondering if the MUX line could be compromised?

Not sure what else to do?

Thanks for your input..
asked Nov 22, 2013 in Dodge by Derek Winiarki (260 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Derek,

If you are not using a Tharness and since there is no (+)Start at the ignition switch, you should be using this install guide:


If you are using a Tharness and since their is no (+)Start at the ignition switch, follow the appropriate connection. Which i believe is connection A or B depending on if you are using datalink or not.

answered Nov 22, 2013 by Robert T (279,840 points)
You can also test your MUX line with a multimeter if you want. I cant remember the values off the top of my head, but they will vary depending of key position.


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