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Lock x3 will not start my truck, why?

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I wired the correct wires for the Stand Alone Installation "F". I decided not to use the optional hood pin or the optional parking light wires, and i'm unsure about where to put the "external input" wire. Also, I was unsure about using the valet switch and was wondering if that was optional as well, as I don't have that wired in right now.  When programming, The blue LED flashes when I start my truck with the key, but I can't get my lock x3 to start the truck. It starts fine with the key, both lock and unlock on my remote work, however I can't get it to start with hitting lock 3 times. Any suggestions? My firmware is 74-17 and hardware is 6. My vehicle is a 2007 dodge ram 1500. Please help!


Just noticed that the yellow LED comes on when I start my truck with the key. what does that mean?
asked Dec 1, 2014 in Dodge by Joseph Leljedal (320 points)
edited Dec 1, 2014 by Joseph Leljedal

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yellow led lights up to ignition this is normal.

Make sure in your evoall options that "OEM Remote Monitoring" is ON.

Does the blue LED flash on the module when you push lock on the factory remote ?
answered Dec 1, 2014 by Joseph Leljedal (85,190 points)
selected Dec 1, 2014 by Robert T


I tried all that and mine still is not working. I got to the flashing blue light. Took out the key and pressed the lock botton. I tried closing everything and making sure everything was connected. I watched all the YouTube videos i could find and do it just like they do but when i get to the end and press the lock botton 3 times nothing happends. I dont get it. I have been working on this thing for 9 and a half hours and i told the customer it would be a 30min job. Its sunday and customer service isnt open im guessing. 

Kamron, the dodge caravan is almost plug and play if you were using a T-harness. Just make sure you have the appropriate options enabled for a 3x Lock start setup (which needs to be done at the time of isntallation). If you post the service number of the eVO-ALL, we can check how the options are set up in the EVO-ALL.

My 2006 dodge is doing something very similair. Were you able to find a solution to this problem?
Every issues are different, what module are you installing in what vehicle ? Please provide the service number written on your module.
Actually, I think you responded to the question that I posted 2 days ago, however, the solution did not work and truck is still not starting. It is an evo all with t harness chrt5 service number 001A06650975.


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