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Promblems with SmartStart with EVO-ALL in stand alone mode

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Nissan GTR 2014, EVO-ALL in standalone mode and SmartStart DSM200.
The Start, Stop, Lock and Unlock all worked via the SmartStart App. However;
  • When Locking the car most of the time the app would receive a confirmation, back but it could take a while
  • On Unlock, although the car unlocks the message would say "Doors are still locked. Check overall status in the status tab"
  • On starting the engine there is/was a very long delay and I would say only in 50% of the cases did I receive an Engine running confirmation
  • The Status screen never works and we get a message that said "The response from the server could not be interpreted. If the problem persists, go to mysmartstart.com for help (31)"
Tried two different EVO-ALLs and get exactly ther same result.
The SmartStart unit was previously installed with DB-ALL2 and was working fine. After trying the EVO-ALL(s) and experiencing the problems above we put the DBALL2 back in and everything works (same car same location).
Very strange..
asked Nov 30, 2014 in Nissan by Brian Langley (180 points)

1 Answer

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EVOALL will never be able to show status on your smartstart app, it is used only for lock,unlock, trunk and start. On my personal car I receive a confirmation that the command was sent to the car but don't have another message after the car is started, this is normal.
answered Dec 1, 2014 by Brian Langley (85,190 points)
I had been told that others had it working fine, but that was a Ford I believe. Is your personal car a Nissan also? Are you using Apple or Android phone?

If the responses never worked I probably would have just thought it was a compatibility issue, but the confirmations sometimes works which is odd (vs the DB-all where they always work). Not knowing whether a command has been carried out make the SmartStart less than idea,