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Is there a list of RF kits that work with EVO-ALL in stand alone?

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What RF kits and cellular adapters work with the Fortin modules? Can I use Directed XL202 etc and the DSMC100/250?
asked Nov 21, 2013 in RF-Kits by KOZ (750 points)
recategorized Nov 25, 2013 by Robert T

1 Answer

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A full list will be available within the next few weeks.

We already have a FAQ of how to use the XL202.

Click here for explanation of how to work with the XL202 and EVO!


UPDATE EDIT:  FAQ articles have removed from the website launch.


answered Nov 21, 2013 by Robert T (284,390 points)
selected Apr 9, 2014 by Robert T
What happened to the FAQ guides for RF kits??