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G37 T Harness A4/A5 pin optional?

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In guide 12661, rev 20141015, for the THAR-NIS1, on the page 4 wiring diagram it shows both A4 and A5 as optional connections into the BCM.  If I just want a standalone remote start with the EVO-ALL, I am assuming I wouldn't need to connect these two wires since these seem like outputs to the lock and unlock and since I am using the factory remote, there would be no point (I am assuming you only connect these two if you are using some other remote so that it can tell the BCM to unlock the doors), correct?

So reading the diagram, for a standalone remote start for the G37 with keyport, I only need to connect the Door Pin to A15, the Push To Start wire to A19 and the Parking lights to the brown wire in the harness and then plug in all the other T connectors, correct?
asked Nov 20, 2014 in Infiniti by Thorr Giddings (180 points)

1 Answer

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Connection are required at BCM because if you shut off the remote starter (or wait 15 minutes) doors will unlock and stay unlock.
answered Nov 20, 2014 by Thorr Giddings (85,190 points)