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2011 Corolla wont start with remote start but will start with G key

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install a compustar cs800 along with the fortin key override all with firmware 4.06.  everything is hooked up and the fortin program correctly with the 10 blinks.  When I try the remote start it will attempt to start the car, I hear the starter crank then it cuts out right before it turns over.  When I use the key car turns on just like normal.  When I unplug the fortin bypass and use the key it will do the same thing, try to start n cut out before turning over.  I believe the fortin is install and program correctly.

Also before installing the bypass I tried to start it with just the remote start and samething.  Car will attempt to start and cut out.  Any help would be appericated.  I try reprogramming the fortin like 10x already




So there was 2 IGN wire, hooked it up to IGN 1 and now it will work with the key in the IGN, but when I take the key out it will try and crank but wont turn over, I try to reprogram the fortin again but same thing.
asked Nov 16, 2014 in Toyota by ae xiong (130 points)
edited Nov 16, 2014 by ae xiong

1 Answer

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Frist, cut the blue and white wire from the 4-pin datalink connector. If your datalink protocols are not set up right, this would cause problems.

Second, if the yellow/black wire is on the wrong side of the CUT IMI wire, you would have a hard time remote starting.

Third, the RED led should be turning on when remote starting. Check the (-)while-running connection if it does not turn on.
answered Nov 17, 2014 by Robert T (279,340 points)
I did everything u suggested, when cutting the white and blue wire on the d2d cable the car wouldnt start neither the remote starter or the key, when i reconnect the blue wire the remote start wouldnt work but the key will.

I wired up the yellow and black wire along with white and black wire to the plug side of the pink wire that I cut on the ecu in the engine bay

Also when the remote start turns on so does the light on the bypass and shuts off when the remote start shuts off


The bypass programmed with the 10 blanks


the back of the key override all reads

Hardware Vr.2

Firmwire vr.4.0.6

Date 09/2014


I have both blue wire connected, the one on the d2d is hooked up to each other now that i cut it and the blue wire on the 6 pin is connected to the black wire on my remote start for the while running

Im at a total lost, only other thing i can think of is to update the firmware but I shouldnt have to and the reason I bought this one was so I wouldnt have too
the datalink has nothing to do with the vehicle. cutting the blue and white and the datalink should not affect the vehicle operation unless there is some serious mistake in the wiring.

Id suggest you speak with tech support directly : 1-877-336-7797


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