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EVO-ALL Standalone Remote Start not working on 2014 PTS Highlander

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Got a 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE (non-Hybrid) push to start (PTS). I have installed an EVO-ALL (HW version 6), re-flashed to firmware 79.20 (beta). I have installed it exactly as described in guide #23771, rev 20141106 (no-key takeover). I am trying to use EVO-ALL as a stand alone remote starter (options C1 & D1 enabled) but it will not work. For what it's worth, I have also tried the key-take over solution, without any success.

The module programmed sucessfully (rapid blue flashes to off after ignition turned off). Manually starting the car yields a solid yellow light. Grounding the yellow/black wire (( -) external start/stop input) results in solid red light on evo-all module along with a couple of blue flashes, then the dash reads "Check Smart Key System" and nothing happens. Pressing Lock button on remote 3X yields no response.

I'm at a loss here and checked everything possible that I know to check. Anyone have any suggestions of what to check next?
asked Nov 9, 2014 in Toyota by Kasey Herman (210 points)

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Hi Kasey,

One thing for sure, you will need firmware 79.20.

Looking at your service number. A few options are enabled that could cause remote starting not too work properly. Remember that this type of installation starts the vehicle through Can-Bus.

Options D2, D3, D4, D5 should be off.


Here's what i would do, Master Reset the module. This will set all options back to default and clear the previous programming. After the reset, reprogram the module. Once programmed, go back to the flash-link and enable options D1, C1 and D6; don't touch any other option.


Master Reset procedure :

  1. Hold down programming button while plugging in datalink connector.
  2. Let go of button when LED is RED.
  3. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate.
  4. Disconnect unit, she is now reset.


answered Nov 10, 2014 by Robert T (279,340 points)
selected Nov 17, 2014 by Robert T
I had initiated a master reset and experimented with enabling a few of the other options, as well as attempting various firmware versions (79.17, 79.18, 79.19).

Next, I will do as you advised (master reset, reprogram to 79.20 [and stick with it], and enable only C1, D1, and D6).

I have a couple of additional questions though: Is there a self-diagnostic test (or some sort of external testing) that can be performed to insure the module is functioning correctly? Also, since the "Lock" command from the OEM remote is read over Can-bus, shouldn't the module flash blue upon pressing the lock button to indicate EVO-ALL is reading the lock command from Can-bus? If so, I'm not getting any flashes at all when I press the lock button.

The LEDs can almost tell an entire story.

  • That blue LED should be flashing on lock or unlock press as you mentionned.
  • The yellow LED will turn on with ignition once the unit is programmed.
  • The red LED will turn on when (-)ground-out is present or the unit as been activated (3x Lock start)

After the master reset, reflash the unit with 79.20. After programming the unit, if you are still not getting a blue led flash, test the door locks by pulsing the purple or purple/white of the EVO to ground, just to see if the door locks actually work.


Please call when you have the vehicle in the case that it still doesn't work so that we can figure it out.
I plan to have the vehicle again this Saturday, 11/15. Although I am skeptical, I will go through your tips to see if that has any impact and will call support if I have no success. According to the support section the phone support will be open on Saturday, can you confirm?
Someone is answering from 9-5 pm EST on Saturday.

Make sure to reflash the module to the 79.20 firmware. The firmware was reuploaded a few times when the support for the Lexus IS250/350 came out.
Ok, so on Saturday I did exactly as you suggested without any luck. I eventually called support and spoke to Alex who was very helpful and finally got it to work.

Here is a summary of the steps that Alex walked me through and what got it to work.  After the steps above (master reset, reflash to 79.20, and enabling D1, C1, and D6, I was still not getting a blue flash on module when locked or unlocked on OEM remote. Additionally, grounding purple wire on EVO-ALL would lock, but grounding purple/white would not unlock.

The fix: Alex had me master reset again and reflash back to 79.20. Before enabling any options, I hooked EVO-ALL back up in the car and was now getting blue flashes on OEM remote lock & unlock. Next, to confirm remote start was properly wired, I held to ground the solid blue wire, which turned the ignition on in the car (and red and yellow lights were illuminated on module). Next, once the ignition was on, I held to +12V the red/blue wire, and to my surpise the car started confirming module was wired and working correctly in that regard. Next, I went back an enabled ONLY D1 & C1 (no D6), and low-and-behold, everything was working correctly (blue flashes on OEM remote lock/unlock, as well as remote start on 3X lock of OEM remote).

Thanks for the help!
Thanks for keeping me udpated on this and glad you guys got it working.


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