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2006 Civic and EVO ALL Occasional Alarm Triger

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Installed an EVO-ALL with Crimestopper Cool Start in a 2006 Honda Civic.  All works as expected most of the time.  However, customer noted that twice in approximately 15 remote-starts, the start triggered the OEM car alarm.  In all attempts the car was locked with the OEM remote to arm the alarm.

I questioned whether the the alarm triggered when the car had been locked for a while, but one time that the car alarm triggered the car had only been locked/armed for a few seconds.

Wiring matches connection diagram 4 from the EVO-ALL install guide, including the door lock connections shown.  I forgot to note the firmware version stamped on the EVO-ALL.  If that information would be helpful to know, I'll have to obtain that at a later date.

Thank you.
asked Nov 5, 2014 in Honda by Nick Schaf (420 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Nick,


Make sure you have unlock before / lock after start enabled in the remote starter, or activate option D2 in the EVO-ALL.


The door lock connections in the diagram are only there to allow the aftermarket remote to unlock or lock the doors while the vehicle is started.

answered Nov 5, 2014 by Robb (260,460 points)
Hi Robert,

Thank you for the reply.  I set option D2 in the EVO-ALL and confirmed that it is unlocking before start and locking again after start.  The problem is now less-frequent, but still occurs.

The alarm triggers the instant the engine cranks, so it seems as though the alarm is not being disarmed.  According to the application guide for the EVO-ALL, it is supposed to interface with the OEM alarm through the vehicle network.  Is it possible that it's just not 100% successful in disarming the alarm or that it takes longer to disarm on some occassions?

Regarding the lock and unlock wires: I compared the wires specified in the wirecolor.com database to those in the 2006 Civic service manual.  The unlock wire used comes from the driver's door lock switch.  Since the customer can cancel the alarm by turning the key in the door key cylinder, I'm wondering whether the unlock connection should be made to the wire coming from that key cylinder switch, instead of the unlock wire specified in the wirecolor.com database.  Thoughts?  (Though I wouldn't expect the unlock wire to matter if the EVO-ALL successfully disarmed the OEM alarm through the network.)

Thank you,


We send the OEM remote unlock-lock codes through the network, so by programming unlock before start, the doors are technically being unlocked by the OEM remote.The physical door locks connections are only for door lock control while the vehicle is running since through the Can network, the vehicle will not respond to the factory lock-unlock codes. This is why we are connecting to the lock-unlock wires and not arm and disarm.


If the client is saying the alarm is going off sometimes, which i dont see how, wire the vehicles disarm wire (brown, tests with the key-lock) to the remote starter disarm output. You should be able to deactivate the unlock-before - lock-after start option after doing that also.