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where are door lock wires 2009 lincoln navigator

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Cannot find power door lock wires when installing remote start on 2009 lincoln navigator. The wire color guide says that they are a "white and brown/blue and brown" in drivers kick panel or smart junction box on drivers side dash. The smart junction box in my case is in passenger kick panel. I have taken apart wiring harnesses at smart junction box and in drivers kick panel and cannot find these wire colors that would be related to door lock circuit. Thanks, Mike.
asked Oct 29, 2014 in Lincoln by Micheal Unger (2,250 points)

1 Answer

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The wires can be found in the harness between the driver door and the vehicle but will require some tricky finger work.


At the smart juntion box, the lock and unlock wire would be in the top left black connector (more towards the firewall). The cover of the connector is grey.

  • Lock - White/Brown
  • unlock - Blue/Brown
  • Lock & Arm - Yellow/Green and Purple/Blue (must pulse at same time, use diodes to isolate wires)
answered Oct 29, 2014 by Robb (255,340 points)