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Do i need a hood pin for my evo-chrt5 kit?

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I purchased the evo-chat5 for my 2007 dodge nitro, do i need anything else or a hood pin?
asked Oct 22, 2014 in Dodge by Arnie Peardon (110 points)
retagged Oct 23, 2014 by Robert T

1 Answer

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Hi Arnie,

Hood pin is highly recommended since it would prevent the car from remote starting when the hood is opened.

Since im assuming you are wanting to use the 3x lock start feature of the EVO-ALL, you would need the Flash-Link Updater to enable the option for 3x Lock start i nthe eVO-ALL. It is not a default option since priority on the EOV-ALL is that it is to be used with a remote starter. Depending on whom you buy the unit from, you can ask them if they can preflash and select the proper options for you so that you do not have to buy the flash-link.. Although.. the Flash-Link is tool and highly recommended.
answered Oct 22, 2014 by Robert T (279,890 points)
I did not need the Flash-link Updater, i was able to install and start my vehicle without it. Hope your company isn't trying to sell something extra that is not always required!

If your module came preflashed with the firmware for your vehicle and the options enabled, then good. I was only making sure you knew that the flash-link may be required. Nothing wrong with recommending a product to someone.


If you do not know the purpose of the flash-link, i can see why you may think we try to sell the proper tools.

The EVO-ALL is a device used on over 3800 vehicles by the professionals of the remote starter industry. Every vehicle make has a different firmware that needs to be loaded onto the EVO-ALL. This is done via the Flash-Link Updater.


Second... The EVO-ALL has over 20 different configurable options that an installer can play around with, such as 3x Lock Start. The only way to enable these options is by using the Flash-Link Updater. 


Third.. The EVO-ALL is a product used by the professionals, and like any professional, they have the proper tools to do the job. 



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