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2007 Ford Mustang EVO-ALL 1 Key programming

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I'm having an issue with the single key programming of an EVO-ALL in a 2007 Ford Mustang. I get to the fourth step, where you turn the key forward and the blue LED is supposed to flash, however it does not flash for me, rather it just shuts off. When i turn the key off, it turns back on solid blue.

I've verified all my connections about a hundred times, swapped out the EVO-ALL's, made sure my remote starter module is programmed correctly, so any help would be appreciated.
closed with the note: Ford with no Can-Bus programming
asked Nov 18, 2013 in Ford by davey421 (210 points)
closed Nov 19, 2013 by Robert T

1 Answer

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That part of programming, where you let go on blue LED and turn ignition on to make it flash, is not necessary for your car. It is only meant for vehicles with CAN-Bus connections. You can skip straight to next section.
answered Nov 18, 2013 by Robert T (280,060 points)
selected Nov 19, 2013 by Robert T


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