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2007 FJ Cruiser does not have the RX and TX wire at the ignition barrel?

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I have a Key-Override-All bypass unit and it shows to connect the required wires at the igniton barrel area.  The installation manual shows that the RX and TX wires are at the 7 pin wire harness (Pins 4 & 5 for Rx and Tx, respectively). However, the 2007 FJ Cruiser I have does not have the 7 pin wire harness, rather, it has a 4 pin wire harness (Blue connector - The wire colors are Green/Yellow, Blue/White, White/Black and another White/Black. ) Is there another place where the RX, TX, and Keysense wires can be wired to? The remote starter starts the vehicle but stops/dies after a few seconds, indicating that the car needs to have a bypass unit installed. Can someone please let me know where/how I can bypass the car's ignition.  Thanks.  (remote starter is a 2-way LCD Autostart)
asked Oct 16, 2014 in Toyota by Orlan (210 points)

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Vehicles with transponder have always had the black connecter. see picture below

Key Sense is also, always in a 2-pin connector near the ignition barrel.

answered Oct 16, 2014 by Robb (211,430 points)
selected Oct 27, 2014 by Robb

Thanks Robert.  Like I said, my vehicle has a transponder but it does not have the black connector.  It has a blue connector instead (see pic below).  If it DOES NOT have a transponder,  there's no reason for the remote start to cut out after a few seconds (but it does).  Any suggestions / comments? (green/yellow is the keysense - cut off from the pic)

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If the transponder existent and not bypassed, the truck would only crank but not actually start (in some vehicles not crank at all). This can be replicated by wrapping aluminium foil around the plastic portion of the key and then trying to start the truck. Truck start = no transponder, truck does not = vehicle has a transponder.

A not properly programmed TACH signal to the remote starter will cause the truck to start up, run for a bit, then die off.

A  very easy way to know if you do have a transponder system, when ignition is turned on with the key (but not started), their will be a little indicator in the dash. Most of the time it's a little lock symbol, or maybe a vehicle symbol with a lock on it.

A very easy test, if the vehicle does have a transponder system, would be to put the key in the ignition barrel, then remote start. This test confirms proper remote start connections and remote starter programming.

The immoblizer system for the FJ Cruiser was not standard equipped until 2008.
The problem has been found. You are correct. My cruiser does not have a transponder. The problem with the remote start was the remote starter unit itself. The remote starter was not activating the negative ignition output thus not activating the relay for the second ignition. Attaching the relay to GWR solved the problem.
excellent news
I am also trying to install in a 2007 FJ Cruiser that does not have a transponder. Does this mean the TX and RX wires don't need to be connected?
If the vehicel does not have an immobilizer then rx and tx do not need to be connected.