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Reprogram a KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL on a 2007 Mazda 5

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Bought a used mazda 5 2007 that came with a KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL and its attached remote starter model OB-3471v (no brand?). The red light was OFF on the Key Override All module and I'm trying to reset it. I guess the car sat for sale for weeks with a dead battery... is it possible to re-program the module?

I tried following the program no 2 for the Mazda 5 (manual transmission)  but the LED flashes as soon as I connect the datalink connector. What can I do now?


asked Sep 29, 2014 in Mazda by Luc Lepage (130 points)

1 Answer

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As per the guide the flashing indicates the module is already programmed and can not be programmed again.  

If i'm not mistaken OB-3471v is an orbit start and if the battery was dead it is much more likely there is a problem with the starter and not the module.

Now i can't find a manual for the orbit start version but if it's like the canadian tire version (CT-3471) they have a tendancy to lose their programming if the battery goes dead or voltage spike and if it has the dual data ports (RS232 and D2D) there is an option in the programming tables for Fortin and 1 way communication (default is D2D 2 way)

But before going that far into it,

Does the remote respond?

if so will it go into reservation mode?
answered Sep 29, 2014 by Adam Pepin (10,150 points)