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FAQ - KEY-OVERRIDE Installation Supplement

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This is an installation supplement for the KEY-OVERRIDE-SL, KEY-OVERRIDE-SL2 and the KEY-OVERRIDE ALL. It describes how to locate the required Data, Syncro, Security LED, Rx (receive) or Tx (transmit) wires at the vehicles PATS connector.

In some cases the colors of both of these wires differ and they may even differ between the same year of a specific vehicle. Because of this difference wire colors may not be listed and method 5 (below) may need to be used to determine the location of the wires in the PATS harness.

1. Refer to the individual connection types in the generic installation manual. Wire colors are listed in some sections for specific connection types for most vehicles. If the vehicle is not listed or the wire color does not match the ones listed then continue below.

2. Refer to the vehicle specific installation guides provided in the files section of the KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL. There are currently more than 250 separate installation guides which cover most of the vehicles covered by the KEY-OVERRIDE-ALL.
asked Aug 21, 2014 in Bypass by Mukesh Patel (1,640 points)
retagged Aug 22, 2014 by Robb

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