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FAQ - KEY-OVERRIDE will not program with cloned key from a locksmith

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The KEY-OVERRIDE will not program when using a key that was cut by a either a locksmith or a retailer that sells counterfeit cloned keys.

A key that is provided by a locksmith is a counterfeit cloned key that is not stored as a "master" key in the vehicles memory. Although these keys will start the vehicle, they can not be used to program additional keys including a Bypass module. When programming a KEY-OVERRIDE module two authentic "master" keys must be used in order for the Bypass module to program properly.



The two keys being used to program the KEY-OVERRIDE Bypass modules must be a combination of original keys that came with the vehicle, or an authentic replacement that was cut and programmed at a dealership. If an existing key is not from one of the previous sources; the customer must go to the dealership to have an authentic "master" key cut and programmed to the vehicle before programming the KEY-OVERRIDE Bypass module.



asked Aug 21, 2014 in Bypass by Mukesh Patel (1,640 points)
retagged Aug 22, 2014 by Robb

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