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Connectors A, B and D

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Dear All:

I intend to install the EVO-ALL along with TBGM2 as a stand alone. My car is Chevy Impala 3.5L 2007.  I was studying the wiring of the device and have some questions if I may:

1) Connector B has 4 wires(Red, Black, Blue, White) if Installed without SANS DATA LINK, it shows B4 red to be connected to positive and B3 Black to negative, Where will B1 and B2 connect?

2) Connector D has 6 wires (White/Red, White/Blue, White/Green, Yellow/Red, Yello/Blue, Yellow/Green) where would D2 Yellow/Blue be connected?

3) A13 where to connect it?

4) A12 Pink to be connected to Techometer! Where to find the techometer in my car (Chevy Impala 2007)

5) A6 and A7, what options do I have for these two connections? Its written AUX on both of them, can I wire one of them to the defroster? and the other one to the windows roll up button? so it rolls the windows up?

Thank you very much all for your time!


asked Aug 20, 2014 in Chevrolet by Yazen Aswad (450 points)

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MAke sure you have the right install guide : STAND ALONE EVO-ALL & GM, Buick Enclave, Lucerne & (...) - Revision 20140328

  1. B1 and B2 are not connected anywhere.
  2. D2 connects to 12V as per diagram
  3. A13 is not required
  4. A12 is not used in Stand Alone. This is for remote starters only.
  5. A6 and A7 is not used used in Stand Alone. Do not wire those to defroster or window roll up.


Only A1, A8, A20, B3, B4, C5, D3, D2 and the TB-GM2 are required to remote start the car.


answered Aug 20, 2014 by Robert T (284,630 points)
selected Aug 20, 2014 by Robert T
Thank you heaps for the clarifications :) Much appreciated! Yazen
No problem
Well I wanted to thank the maunfacturer of EVO and the tech people are Fortin.ca and everyone else here on this site!! I installed the system in less than 30 minutes!! its up and running! It was simple, easy thanks to the detailed instructions!! Simply AMAZING! Thank you all once again!  I am buying another one for my wife's car :)