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Lock & unlock doesn't work in a 2009 VW Passat

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I tried to match an EVO-ALL module with a Viper 5704 alarm system and I have same problems. I asked the seller to flash the latest firmware version with D2D protocol, but I can
asked Nov 14, 2013 in Volkswagen by v@li (210 points)

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If you pulse the purple or purple/white of the EVO with a ground signal, do the doors lock or unlock?


Also, what is he 12 digit service number written on the back of the EVO?  (001axx xxxxxx)

answered Nov 14, 2013 by Robert T (280,460 points)
selected Nov 20, 2013 by Robert T
Ah, very good question. I gonna try tomorow and came back with a feedback.

My service number is: 001A06105172


Thank you for your fast answer!

Unfortunately, it didn

When I press OEM RC unlock button, the blue led blinks twice, but no disarm signal is going to alarm.

The EVO will not do disarm for that vehicle. Arming should work though.

First page: http://ifar.ca/en/download/11981/preview.html


The only way to actually disarm the factory alarm would be to wire the door locks directly to the arm/disarm wire in the door.



- (-) Lock/Arm - 750 OHM required for Lock and Arm

- Unlock/Disarm - straight ground signal

Also, is no continuity between ground (-) and A14 when I activate electronic hand brake.

The ignition needs to be ON to read anything off the CAN from the EVO. For the handbrae, their is also normally a 2-3sec on the CAN network before the handbrake is registered.


I don't have a factory alarm, only a Viper 5704. 

When I press the OEM RC unlock button, the blue led blinks twice, the doors unlock, but the viper alarm won't disarm if it was armed before.

If I press the viper unlock button, the alarm disarm, but the doors remain locked.

The same for locking


The EVO will not always control the Viper Arm/Disarm from the factory remote. This is an advanced feature not available for all vehicles and on vehicles that it could work, you would need to activate 001A06105172/">Option 14 - OEM Remote Monitoring.


On North American models of the Passat that feature should actually work. According to what you are saying, when you hit the OEM RC the Blue LED will blink on Lock and Unlock. This is good! This means the EVO can detect Lock/Ulock from the CAN.


Right now, if I look at your service number, Option 14 is not turned ON. So the EVO will not send the LOCK and UNLOCK from the factory remote to the Viper.

Click this link to see yourself the current status of your EVO: http://ifar.ca/en/products/001A06105172/


The door locks actually locking and unlocking may be a whole other problem.

- One, it may be uncontrollable via Can-Bus, so you may have to wire door locks directly from Viper system to the vehicle.

- Two, it may actually be not the right CAN wires used on the vehicle.

Here is an image of where you can grab the CAN-Hi-Low


You were right, I miss connected the evo to the wrong can wires. I choose infotainment can instead of comfort can. Thank you for your suggestion!

Now, I can lock and unlock the doors, but I still have same issues:

  • When I lock with factory RC, the doors are safe locks. That

When I lock with factory RC, the doors are safe locks. That



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