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Need help with EVO-ALL for Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2002 year.

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I have Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2002 years and i also i have EVO-ALL and i want to install it on my car.

I have this--- evo-all_volvo_land_rover_mercedes-benz.rev-20120430 --- document .

But in this document isn't enough information.

For example about Mercedes-Benz sprinter information is better and it is vast  and understandible than Mercedes C class.

If you can please give me more information, pictures and describe for C class.

P.S.  We are car alarm installators In Tbilisi
asked Jun 10, 2014 in Mercedes-Benz by Ivane Gergeshelidze (140 points)
edited Jun 10, 2014 by Ivane Gergeshelidze

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Hi Ivane,


The EVO-ALL only does Can-Bus features for that vehicle. Therefore, only doorlock, door status etc... It will not do the transponder bypass required for a remote starter.


The installation guide you mentionned covers the necessary wiring for the EVO-ALL. It's up to the installer to figure out how to do the remote starter / alarm part of the installation. The EVO does not do remote starter for Mercedes.


For remote starter solutions I recommend looking into Mid-City Engineering. They are one of the only company that focus mainly on Mercedes.

answered Jun 10, 2014 by Robert T (284,630 points)
If we install EVO-ALL and another alarm together, can we start by remote?

We install Easycar E771AS, But we can't install on Mercedes, and wanted to install with this EVO-ALL and i don't understand is it possible?

What yous think about this? Is it possible?

The EVO-ALL can be used with the Easycar sytem for

  • door lock control
  • OEM alarm arm/disarm
  • door status
  • trunk status
  • foot brake status
  • hand-brake status

The EVO controls the previous features through the vehicles Can-Bus network so that you do not have find that specific wring in the car to connect the Easycar system to.


Trying to install a remote starter in a Mercedes can be impossible.