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Can I print out the Diagrams, photos, and guides with an activation code?

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I have an activation code and I wanted to use it soon to print out all the diagrams. I don't want to use it soon if I can't print out the diagrams, I'd rather wait till I have the vehicle ready to be installed.
asked May 6, 2013 in Wirecolor by Mark Duffaut (200 points)
recategorized Nov 26, 2013 by Robert T

1 Answer

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You can print the page by clicking the red "Print Options" button, select which compenents you wish to include, and then clicking the blue "Print WireColor" button.

The page will automatically load all the selected components, render a printable version of the page, and open the browsers Print Modal.

You can view this in action with the Demo.

Subscribers have the ability to download a formatted PDF version of the wiring, which is not available on vehicles that are unlocked using an Activiation Card or a Single Use Token.
answered May 6, 2013 by Darren Satkunas (1,990 points)
selected May 27, 2013 by Mark Duffaut