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Installation in 2005 Ford Expedition key-override-all w/ RS1-G4

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Followed Iinstructions that were provided with modules. Hood open not installed yet and park lights not connected yet. On your site there are two sets of instructions for this truck. One set shows to plug in plug number 2 fist then plug 1 and the other set shows to plug in plug 1 first then 2. I have tried both ways and no luck. The Key-Override-All never flashes 10 times. I only have one key and am following the procedure for one key. It blinks twice. When remote start depressed the lights come on the accessories start to run but no starter and the anti-theft indicator ion the dash begins to flash. Pressing the remote again shuts off everything, the KOA blinks 8 times and extinguishes and the LED on the RS1-G$ begins to blink. I think this is a feature of the unit as an anti-theft deterent. Had someone else check wiring and attempt to program and they were unsucessful, too.

asked Mar 9, 2014 in Ford by Mike Richards (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Mike,


The KOA will only program on that vehicle with 2 master keys (keys made at the dealer). If you want to use only 1 key, you would need to use an EVO-ALL and follow the one key programming procedure which involves our DCryptor servers. You would need the Flash-Link Manager for this.
answered Mar 10, 2014 by Robb (211,430 points)
Thank you. We found the second key this morning and everything works fine. Thank you for the response.
Excellent, glad you got it all figured out.