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What is the best remote starter to go with EVO-CHR?

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I am looking at installing a remote starter on my 2008 Dodge Nitro. I am looking for recommendations on what remote starter to buy. I want something that will be compatible with the EVO-CHR.


Thank you
asked Nov 11, 2013 in Remote Starters by Andre Rancourt (190 points)
recategorized Nov 26, 2013 by Robb

1 Answer

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Their are many reliable remote starters out there.


  • Crimestopper
  • DEI products
  • Ultrastart
  • Autostart
  • Autopage
  • and others


If range is not a problem, you could actually use an EVO-ALL in Stand alone and have your vehicle remote start just by pressing 3x Lock on your factory remote.


answered Nov 11, 2013 by Robb (262,210 points)
selected Nov 26, 2013 by Robb