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IS hood pin necessary for the stand alone remote start?

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Hi, after ordering the EVO-all with THAR-CHR4 for dodge charger 2009 V6, the seller confirmed that module has the latest Firmware and has option 15 enabled for remote start. I have installed the device, which was the easiest task ever. as per the manual, yello wire from T harness goes to the pin 1 on 20 pin connector and Dk blue wire to the hood pin, dont have doot pin in my car??? completed the installation and was able to program the module successfuly as explained, however no remote start after 3x lock??? what could be the reason and how do i fix this?


asked Feb 10, 2014 in Dodge by Owais Jan (380 points)
edited Feb 10, 2014 by Owais Jan

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Hood pin is to shut down the vehicle when its remote starter and to prevent the vehicle from remote starting when the hood is up. This is for security reasons. For testing purposes, do not connect this wire anywhere because if a ground is present, the EVO-ALL will never want to remote start your car.

completed the installation and was able to program the module successfuly as explained, however no remote start after 3x lock??? what could be the reason and how do i fix this?

What is the 12 digit service number written on the back of the EVO-ALL?



answered Feb 10, 2014 by Robert T (279,840 points)
Thanks for the prompt responce, below are the requested details.



Hardware Ver:-6

Firmware ver:-4.18

type 2

i have no idea, if option 15 has been enabled by the seller, there is no way i can get flashlink here in UAE. my whole purpose to buy this unit was to use this as a standalone remote starter and i dont intend to add aftermarket starters, please advise any way forward.

You can take a look yourself at how your EVO is set up right now. There are no mentions of any options being enabled. It also has the factory firmware 4.18 and not the most recent update for dodge which is 74.15 (firmware is not a problem for this car though).


Before saying the options are not one since it's possible that the units options were changed in Offline mode (we wouldnt see the change in this case).

  • Does anything happen when you hit 3x LOCK or if oyu pulse a ground on the yellow/black wire of the EVO? What do the LEDs do?
  • If you were to ground the Dark Blue wire of the EVO, what LEDs turn on on the EVO right away?


well after the programing complets, i hear a ding sound once from my car, after this, if i do lock 3x times it dosen't do anything, i can see blue flashesin sync with the car's horn while i press the lock button. if dark blue is grounded red and blue light comes up, solid red and diming blue,during this, car dosend respond to the keyfob, cant start with the key, no honk while locking unlocking, if i remove the key from the switch. all dash lights stay on and dings if i open the door. upon removing the blue wire from ground, all goes to normal but no remote start..
Haven't tried GND pulse on yellow black wire.
yellow/black opens the trunk if grounded! looks like, i need a flashlink to program it, that way i can be sure of what's happening with the unit. i have written back to the seller, let's see if can send me one.

one more question. i have a aftermarket keyfob shell 9with factory hardware installed inside) which has a remote start button., is there any way i can program that button for remote start instead of lock button, not really important though.
Ya.. You will need to turn the stand alone option on in the EVO. Good testing! I believe you understand why nothing is working at the moment.


The EVO will only respond when it sees the Lock command on the vehicles Can-Bus.


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