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2006 Volvo XC90 immobilizer

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I have an Evo All updated to the latest firmware and loaded up through the wizard for my 2006 XC90 and Compustar remote starter. Before I placed the order for this stuff I was a little confused whether it would work to bypass the immobilizer and let me remote start the vehicle, after following the installation and programming instructions I am still confused.

I can lock/unlock/etc but when i attempt to remote start it goes through the motion and attempts to but I get a message on the dashboard "start prevented try again"

what do i need or need to do to get this to work?
asked Dec 19, 2022 in Volvo by Michael Riley (130 points)

1 Answer

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On a 2006 xc90 the evo all does not do immobilizer bypass. As stated on the fortin website a key is required for bypassing the transponder.




Best regards.
answered Dec 19, 2022 by derek ! (294,120 points)
I saw that on the website but was still unsure after reading the installation, programming instructions and feature grid on the evo all for the Volvo. Is there a guide to wrapping the key, or recommended immobilizer bypass for this vehicle? Also will the valet key work for the sacrificed key or will that place the vehicle in valet mode when I go to drive off?
There is no guide for the key wrap. Generally 7-15 loops somewhere in there should get it going. As long as the valet key can start the vehicle normally then it should be fine.
Break it down like I'm 5, I have always used immobilizer defeats that didn't need to a key with or I disabled it completely with computer programming. Am I able to key wrap with the Evo All or do I need to get something like the ALU - TRANSPONDER ANTENNA RING?
If you are not familiar with key wraps, I would suggest looking into a product called key in a box. will be much simpler for you.


Thanks, I did order one of those but in the mean time can you link me to an example of key wrapping with an Evo all? I believe I understand the theory of key wrapping, I guess I'm just not sure why that isn't covered in the installation instructions for the evo-all. I'm assuming I would need to install some sort of relay to keep the signal going to the immobilizer when I want to use the main key to drive away.

Here is a diagram showing how a key wrap would be done.

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Thanks for that diagram, I have one of those bypass module box things arriving tomorrow, so I'll probably install that this weekend., The key wrap looks simple enough that I'll try it in the future if I purchase another vehicle without a plug n play solution.