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Aux 1 and aux 2

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Hi all!

i install an evo-all with mycar module into 2014 toyota camry pts thar-toy6, everythings are working (yay). Though i see that aux1-orange and aux2-orange/black are unuse, i want to use these aux to control rear defogger and/or heated seat if possible. Please advise, thank you
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asked Dec 2, 2022 in Toyota by vietxtlife (380 points)
closed Dec 3, 2022 by vietxtlife

2 Answers

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The EVO-ALL has no analog AUX outputs. When available, AUX is done through CAN-BUS for things like heated seats, rear defrost, etc..

The orange and orange/black are actually inputs, not outputs, to trigger aux1/2 when available for various features on certain cars. 

Example... on a 2021 jeep gr. cherokee,

  • Aux1 triggers a heat settings. heated mirror, heated seats, rear/front defrost
  • Aux2 triggers cool settings. cooling seats
answered Dec 2, 2022 by Robert T (284,540 points)
edited Dec 2, 2022 by Robert T
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Thank you
answered Dec 3, 2022 by vietxtlife (380 points)