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2005 Dodge Dakota ABS, Traction Control And Check Engine Lights After Install

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ABS, traction control and check engine light come on every time you remote start it. Everything works fine when you start it normally. Code is U1120 - Lost Wheel Distance Message.
asked Nov 30, 2022 in Dodge by Kreyton Hermanson (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
There are 2 (+) ignitions and 3 (+) accessories that need to be powered upon remote. (-)KeySense may also be needed. First thing to do will be to check that they are all getting activated correctly.


If the car is actually a 2006 (check by VIN not by MFD date), one of those 3 accessories is actually a (-) trigger and not a (+)
answered Dec 3, 2022 by Robert T (286,000 points)