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2018 Golf Sportwagen Push-to-Start won’t remote start unless I press the brake pedal

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I have verified all the wires, reflashed and reverified the software.  I checked during remote start the brake lights don't come on.

I've tried diesel mode.

if I sit in the car and remote start it, and then press the brake pedal it will start.

Evo-all with TW harness kit.

also I have the Evo-Start 2, I can pair it to the Evo-all.  But if I send it commands it receives it with a green flash, but then does a amber flash saying it can communicate with the Evo-all.  D1 is on and H2 is on.
asked Nov 29, 2022 in Volkswagen by chris tuulos (160 points)

1 Answer

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1. make sure all three brake lights turn on. I say this because there are 2 wires that test as brake but only 1 that lights up all 3 lights,


2. Enable diesel mode. D1.3
answered Nov 30, 2022 by Robert T (284,540 points)