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The Remote Start Will Only Work If The Key Is In The Barrell

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It is hit and miss starting this Auto Start remote starter. I took it in to get it looked at and the guy hands me the Fortin Transponder Box (TBGM2) and says I need to buy a whole new Remote Starter for $550. However, now that he took this transponder box out the remote starter will work but only if the key is in the barrell or more so you can see the lights on the dash come on and it try to "click/crank" and if you put in the key or take the key out it will start right away. So is my problem just a new transponder box? The key has a circle with a cross inside .Seems odd that this Remote starter is a complete write off.
asked Nov 18, 2022 in GMC by Brandon Wirsch (130 points)

1 Answer

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The TBGM2 is 1 time programming. It cannot be reprogrammed. Another TB-GM2 would be needed and reprogrammed (not the entire remote start system). Only reason the TBGM2 would need to be changed is if new keys were ever added to the car or if the BCM or any other major component in the car had to be replaced or reprogrammed previously.


Another thing to check is the antenna ring itself. It needs to be tested for continuity ensuring the wire or ring is not cracked.

It also important to test that the remote starter is activating the TBGM2 upon remote start. 

There could be other reason, this is dependant on the installation type... 



Product info: https://fortin.ca/en/products/transponders_(tb)/tb-gm2/

There could be other reason, this is dependant on the installation type... 

answered Nov 18, 2022 by Robert T (284,630 points)