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2020 Tundra cranks but won't start

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2020 Tundra cranks but won't start. Truck has Hkey, anti theft system w/alarmand engine immobilizer. I loaded recommended settings. Orange wire IS spliced into THar-ty10 #2 harness wire. Set up is Transmission -Automatic, OEM Alarm-Yes, System setup- Remote starter only, OEM Remote- 3x lock, RF kits- NO, Remote starter runtime- 7mins, Connection- Thar-One-Toy10, Installation method- Immobilizer bypass. SN 002B04162783

When cranking I can see the vehicle security light blinking(if that means anything)
asked Nov 17, 2022 in Toyota by Scott Chalupnik (170 points)
edited Nov 17, 2022 by Scott Chalupnik

1 Answer

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You forgot to turn on option 2.4 in the remote starter. Please activate this option and re test.


Thank you.
answered Nov 17, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)