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03 Yukon.  Unable to remote start when vehicle goes to sleep

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Prostart and evo all installed on 03 Yukon.  Remote starter and door locks works fine  except when vehicle sits and goes to sleep.  I have to unlock the door with the factory remote to  in order to remote start the vehicle. Only the factory remote will unlock the door when its in sleep mode.  Any help will  e appreciated
asked Nov 14, 2022 in GMC by Fred Khan (230 points)

1 Answer

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Please try wiring the unlock from the ProStart to the Purple/White on the EVO-ALL.
answered Nov 15, 2022 by Robert T (284,540 points)
Thanks for the reply.   The  instillation is done following guide number  61111. Unlock from the prostart is connected to A3 purple/white. My problem is the remote starter not working when  the vehicle go to sleep.  Before the vehicle  goes to sleep, everything works fine. 
Have you programmed the EVO-ALL to disarm before start? Option D2
The guide didn't mention D2 so I don't think I did. Will see the vehicle next week and will give that a try. Will keep you posted. Thanks