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2015 VW Golf, gas, AT, Key start, 01/15. Installed Evo-one, Thar VW6, TB-VW, lock-unlock-lock. Used R Link tool. Updated to latest firmware, programmed ok, decryptor successful. Yellow loop cut before power up. Doors/hood closed. When attempting to start the  ignition comes on and will not crank. Parking lights seem to flash 4 times after failed start attempt. Ive tried toggling hood and PTS option in flash link with no difference. Brake lights do not seem to come on during start procedure, just park lights, (no high mount brake lamp on). SN# 002804267091. Any thoughts? Living on coffee and exhaust fumes.
asked Nov 2, 2022 in Volkswagen by Micheal Unger (2,610 points)

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First, enable 18.5 for a 5 second delay between ignition and crank.

If it still does not crank, verify the brake connection. There are two wires that test as brake, same color, but only 1 will light up all three brake lights.
answered Nov 2, 2022 by Robert T (284,540 points)
selected Nov 3, 2022 by derek !
Thanks Robert. The diesel mode fixed this issue. I'm assuming there must not have been enough time to cycle brake signal before cranking? It all works as it should now. I did end up changing the evo one out for another one, it stopped recognizing the OEM remote signal, the lights on evo didn't light up with remote commands. I had tried reflashing it lastnight, programming, and decryptor again but it just wouldn't work again.
Everything now works, except the door locks from OEM remote when running. Parking lights flash on car to show its receiving command but no door lock output. Using DSM550 with this setup. Door locks will work from DSM550 when car is running. The guide shows that operator should be able to unlock form either the aftermarket or OEM remote and enter the vehicle. Any thoughts? New module s/n 002B04-267057.
Turn on option E4, should solve the oem remote not working when vehicle is remote started.
E4 ON will fix that issue like mentionned by Derek.
This fixed it, Thanks Guy's. Everything works 100%. Appreciate it.