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Manual switch to disable power supply to EVO-ALL

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Is there an example of how to wire a switch to completely kill the power supply to the EVO-ALL?

I live in an area with temps down to -40°, and trucks already have a hard enough time starting. I want to control and prevent any unnecessary power loss when the vehicle is not in service.

I know I could use the hood pin trigger wire (A8, dark blue) to manually disable function, but I'm not looking to cut-off all power to it, not just disable it.

I'm assuming the 12V wire (D6, white/red) provides power to the unit - would it be appropriate to wire a traditional toggle switch (without LED or indicator lights) in-line with that wire? Or is there a better way?

E.g. Ignition -> t-harness -> white/red wire -> toggle switch -> white/red wire -> EVO-ALL

Also, has anyone measured the actual current draw of the EVO-ALL after installation when not in use?

Reference: System: EVO-FORT4; Vehicle: 2011 F-150 3.5L; Guide: #94891, pg 5

asked Oct 25, 2022 in Ford by Chris Sexton (280 points)

1 Answer

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The at rest current draw of just an evo-all is 7mA +/- 2 mA. This will not kill a battery, I also live in cold climate area and get multple -35'C or lower nights were I live, I have not had to worry about that on my vehicles to date.

If you wanted to cut power to the module simply wire in a toggle switch on the 12v wire for the unit. Power is supplied to the unit via the red wire on the black 4 pin connector.


Best Regards.
answered Oct 26, 2022 by derek ! (285,690 points)