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EVO-NIST1 - Yellow LED never solid

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I bought my EVO-NIST1 from Amazon for my 2009 Infiniti FX35 (push to start and AT).
1) I followed the installation guide and connected the harness:
 - The keyport
 - Brake switch
2) The white/black wire (A.19) of the harness is connected to the light blue wire of the push start button
   (Parking light wire (A.14) not connected at this time)
3) Insert key to the keyport
4) With the main unit, press and hold the programinng button and connect the 4-PIN datalink harness
 (Other harness connectors not connected)
I tried for about 3 minutes and blue, yellow, and red LEDs all blink together, not alternately.
Disconnect the 4-PIN connector (main harness) and return to Step 4) above and repeat, but yellow LED never solid.
Do I need firmware update my main unit?
I see below on my main unit:
 Model: EVO-ALL
 Date: 12/2021
asked Oct 24, 2022 in Infiniti by hnagashio@gmail.com (130 points)
retagged Nov 8, 2022 by hnagashio@gmail.com

1 Answer

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"Do I need firmware update my main unit?"


- yes, your module is empty at the moment.


Before programming it in the vehicle you must flash and configure it for the vehicle it is going to be installed into. This is done via the flash link updater and flash link manager.
answered Oct 24, 2022 by derek ! (285,690 points)
Thanks derek! I have ordered my FLASH-LINK UPDATER.
Hi derek!
It seems like I need your help again!
I flashed my module, connected all connectors and wires and the program the module went finish without problem.
I closed and locked all the doors, pressed the lock button on the OEM remote 3 times, ACC turned on and the lights around the gauges came on, but the ignition would not turn and the engine would not start. After a while the ACC turned off.
I didn't wired  hood pins and no parking lights but I think these are options, should be no problem.
What is the problem?
When you remote start the vehicle, do the brake lights turn on? all 3 of them?
Hi  derek !
The wiring for the brake light is not done.
I don't think this is mandatory. Perhaps this is the why?
Yes, you must connector the t-harness to the brake swicth as shown in the installation guide.
Thanks for your comment derek !
Yes, I did connected all of connectors of THAR-NIS1 harness including the brake swicth and the push start wire behind the push start button as in the installation guide.
The parking light out (brown/white) wire to the red wire going into the fuse box on the driver's kick panel, and Hood pin (remote starter safety override) switch are not connected. (I think these are not required).
Sorry for confusion.
"I did connected all of connectors of THAR-NIS1 harness including the brake swicth and the push start wire behind the push start button as in the installation guide."


You are not supposed to connect all of the connectors. Page 5 shows you which one to not connect:https://fortin.ca/download/100011/evo-all_ig_rts_bi_nis1_fx35_2009_pts_b_100011.pdf
Sorry for confusion again.
I meant "I did connected all of NECCESSARY connectors of THAR-NIS1...", so Female 4-pin white connector and Male 4-pin white connector (in the yellow box in Page5) are Not connected.
Ok, so that brings us back to the inital question, are all 3 brake lights turning on when trying to remote start?
Hi derek !
My remote starter finally works! 
I was looking at a different guide than your link. 
That was solved by using RL1 nstead of RL2.