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EVO-ONE 2017 F-150 Won’t start

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Hi I installed the Evo-One on my 2017 F150 program good sends signal but don't start

SN: 002B04224734
asked Oct 21, 2022 in Ford by Raymond Santiago (360 points)

1 Answer

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What happens when you try to remote start the vehicle?


Do the parking lights flash? Has the yellow loop been cut? Is the module in valet mode?
answered Oct 21, 2022 by derek ! (285,690 points)
Cluster turns on parking lights don't flash yellow loop is cut don't know about the valet how I know if it's on valet mode?
Underneath the yellow loop is there a red led on solid?
No light there
If you place the key against the ignition barrel, does the vehicle then remote start?
Haven't try that but I did start the vehicle with the key press the remote start button took the key off the vehicle and it stays on
Try the test mentioned, that will tell us if its the immobilizer that is preventing it from starting.
Try that tests don't start the led under the loop (cut) flashes 5 times if this helps on something
5x times means hood.


Verify A11 is off and that the pink/black on the 20 pin connector is not grounded.


Also if the vehicle is not equipped with an oem hood pin, jump the connector at the latch togehter.
I have the oem hoop pin but now I'm using the one that came in the package and it's working, Thanks
Perfect, glad you got it going.