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Flash Link v4 Manager Issues - freezing & no longer updating firmware on Evo-ALL

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Hi, I import modules for Australian vehicles and a regular programmer of the Evo-ALL modules via Flash Link v4, with our usual preferred programming via FORTIN Pro Mode. When selecting the same "Update to 4.[01]" of firmware we always select, the program keeps freezing during update and we receive a notification on pc screen (in a black box) stating "Please select firmware version". Not sure what has changed or been updated by FORTIN since we last programmed modules approx 4 weeks back?

Have uninstalled/reinstalled Flash Link v4 - same issue; attempted programming for a different vehicle, still freezing during firmware update.

Regards, Kyran
asked Oct 14, 2022 in Ford by Kyran Rennick (130 points)

2 Answers

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I have replied to you email Kyran.


Will be easier if we continue our conversation in one spot.


Best Regards.
answered Oct 14, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)
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i have the same problem, did you resolve this issue ??

Thanks in advance
answered Oct 25, 2022 by Fidel Garza (180 points)
Yes same problem.