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Evo All w/Xl202 - Do we need to enable option b2 and swap rx/tx?

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2019 Chevy Express - Evo All w/ directed XL202 as the RF kit - Using the Evo ALL as alarm and RS with an existing viper FOB (and OEM remote as a backup)

I noticed an option b2 in flashlink that vague and mentions changing the input/output of the antenna for different RF kits

Does this mean we can enable this and NOT need to swap the white and blue on the data cable? Or do we leave that option alone and swap the wires?  Or both?

Trying to avoid figuring this out with trial and error before my install in a couple days.
asked Oct 1 in Chevrolet by Chris Anderson (130 points)

1 Answer

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no to B2

option h5 yes

swapping data wires, yes


Instructions can be found here: https://fortin.ca/en/download/25341/25341.pdf
answered Oct 3 by Robert T (279,390 points)


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