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settings for 2016 tundra

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i recently bought a new 2way rf remote kit for my evo one on my 16 tundra. i did the firmware update and it reset everything on it. i turned on the recommended settings but it acts different than it did before. the new remotes work with lok and unlock and remote start but the issue is, after remote start and i take over with the key the remote buttons still will lock and unlock the doors. it did not do this before. in fact with the old remotes after key take over i remember hearing a beep from the remote and the buttons no longer will lock unlock while its running with key on. what settings do i need to use to put it back?
asked Sep 10, 2022 in Toyota by Donald Pollard (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the part number of the NEW rf kit?


What is the S/N number on the back of the evo-one?
answered Sep 12, 2022 by derek ! (286,160 points)
RF942 and my SN is 002B04009602
It is normal for the door locks to function from the Fortin remote even after take over.


Also, the 9 series remotes will not give the shut down chime depending on were the remote/antenna is at in its pinging process. Meaning if the remote just checked the antenna and it was running and you do take over, it may not tell you it has shut down till multple seconds later.
it doest give me any chime at all, is that normal?
Yes it may be normal depending on were the antenna/remote are in the polling.


You can also do a status request with the remote to know the status of the vehicle/starter. Simply hit the (+) twice.