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'04 Cavalier w/ Evo One - No remote start, other features work

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I'll keep this short:

Installed Evo-One with a CarLink ASCL6 in a 2004 Cavalier sedan (factory installed keyless entry). Applicable wires are connected with one caveat... The directions show the white wire of the Evo going to an IGN2, however, after much research and probing, I don't belive this vehicle has one. It does, however, have a brown ACC2 wire (Function 2 was changed to reflect this).

ASCL6 was learned (learnt? whatever) just fine and the app shows battery, location, door status, etc. It also -does- let me lock/unlock, open trunk, and attempt a remote start.

After yet more probing and testing with a test light, I confirmed that my (all the following relate to the 6 pin power connector) red wire receives 12v+ constant, the black is well grounded, and during an attempted start sequence, both the orange and white wires receive 12v+ for a few seconds before shutting off. The pink wire (ignition) receives about half a second of 12v+, and the yellow (starter) gets absolutely nothing.

I have it set to tachless per directions, foot brake 'off' (I probed that wire as well, and it receives 12v+ when pedal is depressed, and 0v otherwise), hood pin is installed but disconnected for the time being (so not grounded, though I tried with it grounded anyway but no dice). Firmware for remote start and bypass is 1.25/70.18 respectively (reccomended versions).

I must confess, I did intially mess up and connected the yellow wire from the 20 pin plug to the yellow wires of the vehicle/6-pin plug. I did fix this (connected to the pink now), but no difference.

Parking lights are hooked up to a standalone LED for install purposes and when attempting to start they (it) turns on, then flashes once. Only once. I've tried multiple back-to-back attempts (mainly when checking which wires were getting power).

Car starts and runs fine with the key. Factory keyfob does what it always it (apparently this isnt a supported vehicle for 3x start... I tried anyway, but figured it wouldn't work).

I did set it up for diesel mode here recently, only to give it a moment from powering accessories to activating the starter (its my wifes car, and she doesnt like 'rushing' it). I saw this mentioned elseware and it doesnt seem like it would have any adverse effects. I mean... Not like it was working in the first place so.......

Anyway, thats where I'm at. Why isnt this Evo One sending power to the starter wire? Thanks for any help!

SN: 002B04248987


Edit: Okay, so not so short...
asked Aug 13, 2022 in Chevrolet by Dustin Libby (180 points)
edited Aug 13, 2022 by Dustin Libby

2 Answers

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I miss my Cavalier :( anyways...   The one flash you got from your LED is the module saying it detects brake. This is oh too common on older (J1850) GM vehicles.  I understand you tested it and that it's off in the settings, but something is still messing with it. This means that your remote starter is only attempting start, on it's own, 1 time. Once ignition turns on, it reads brake and shuts everything down. Hence why the starter output is never outputting.  Some things too look into: Take a look at all three brake lights and rear parking lights. If any bulbs are burnt (burned), they sometimes feed back into the brake signal once ignition is on.  Throw some grease into the brake switch. After some years, they can get sticky   Try without the brake wire connected. See if it starts. Would be good to meter this as well upon remote start. It's possible it's getting anywhere from 1v to 12v when igniton pops on. Use a multimeter and not a test light for testing.  On the EVO side of things..  RESET the EVO (this reset will not touch anything that is in the remote start settings. It will only clear out the bypass/databus learn) Turn OFF brake detection though data, A7 OFF Reprogram in the vehicle Test it out. To reset the EVO, https://fortin.ca/en/qa/50193/faq-how-do-i-reset-my-evo-all Hold down programming button while plugging in power connector. Let go of button when LED is RED. Push and hold button again until all three LEDs start to alternate. Disconnect unit, she is now reset.     
answered Aug 15, 2022 by Robert T (284,490 points)
selected Aug 16, 2022 by Dustin Libby
You guys are awesome! I didn't even think to outright physically disconnect the brake (truth be told, I actually disconnected the foot brake, hood pin, and horn...). Sure enough, it tried to start with all that disconnected.

Skipping to the results, apparently the brake was indeed supplying somewhere around 7v at rest, but only readable with a multimeter. Oddly, my digital LED testlight wouldn't pick it up. Even more oddly, when measuring with the multimeter, it wouldn't start (same issue), however, with the test light attempting to measure it would.

My only conclusion is since all the exterior lights are LED, without load resisitors, it's somehow messing with it. The switch tested good every way I could think to test it, and I cleaned it, but it still didn't change.

Partly in the interest of just getting this working, and partly because I'm really not a fan of incandessent bulbs, I ended up triggering a relay with the brake wire instead of feeding the Evo directly. I don't think that would be an issue, but if I'm overlooking something, by all means, please let me know!

I'm quite elated to have at -least- figured out what the hell was going on. Thank you very very much.

Now to add remote start to my 95 rodeo...
Glad you found it! LEDs definitely like to play tricks on RS systems.

The most important is that the RS receives a brake signal somehow in order to shut down once you drive way with the car. If adding a relay is working, perfect!
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with only the main 6 pin connected and your carlink telematics, please send a start command, monitor the big yellow starter output wire for voltage, the vehicle should attempt to remote start, it will obviously not start and run due to the immobilizer not being bypassed (via 20 pin connector) but the evo1 has to output something on the yellow.

You can can also atttemp to enable function 2.4 and use the "White" wire as a starter output for testing purposes.
answered Aug 15, 2022 by JM (61,760 points)