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2003 Miata not programming

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First, how do I know what hardware and firmware version my module has? Its not on it or on the sticker. The first step in programming in the wiring schematic for this car is to plug in the 6 pin white connector, there is no 6 pin white connector. Which one did you mean to say? Im assuming the 4 pin black connector that has the power and ground wire on it. If so, then when thats plugged in (while holding the programming button) all the lights flash at the same time and the red one never remains on allowing me to go to the next step. What do you suggest? Thanks
asked Jul 25 in Mazda by Aaron Gibson (130 points)

1 Answer

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sounds like you have an EVO-ALL, which is immobilizer bypass vs the EVO-ONE which is remote start + immobilizer bypass.


Either case, all three lights flashing indicate that the module has never been flashed. This is done from the flash link updater programming tool.
answered Jul 25 by Robert T (280,060 points)
Okay thanks, just ordered the updater. But yes, it is the EVO-ALL, that's the installation guide I have been going off of (https://fortin.ca/download/80941/evo-all_ig_reg_bi_maz_mx-5_2002-2005_key_a_80941.pdf). Is there a different or updated guide I should be referencing? Thanks
It's the proper guide. It shows wiring and programming of the EVO-ALL, plus the suggested wiring of whichever 3rd party remote starter you are using.


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