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Unlock before trunk release?

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I've chosen to enable the A12 feature for enabling unlock before trunk release the problem I'm having on my 2006 Dodge charger RT when this feature is enabled is the trunk only releases instead of unlocking all doors first and triggers an alarm once the trunk is fully opened, but once closed the doors lock in succession.

Is this a bug and if not are there some steps I can take to fix it? My unit is evo all 2021 model T-harness is CHRT5 and I'm using my OEM key fob w(x2 press trunk release)
asked Jul 5 in Dodge by Kevoné (530 points)
edited Jul 5 by Kevoné

1 Answer

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What is the S/N number to the module?


This is located on the back of the module itself.
answered Jul 5 by derek ! (277,310 points)
"Turn off option A13 and re test please."
Also turn on A10 and test again please.
The doors still only lock when the trunk is closed but when the trunk is released there is no unlock confirmation however I'm not getting the trigger unless I'm not waiting long enough to let the car fully arm itself

Still no trigger after having waited

A13 is disabled in A10 is enabled
the doors are not going to unlock before you open the trunk.


It is normal for the system to have to arm itself before doing the test, normally 15-30 seconds.


Please take a video of your issue and submit it to support@fortin.ca


Also please provide the entire vin number to the vehicle along with the video.


Thank you.
Thank you very much


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