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EVO-KEY Toyota Matrix 2006

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Try to use evo-key on toyota matrix 2006.  I used the latest FORTIN manual "Guide # 84651". All wires connected, double checked, reconnected. 

Several times after re-insert 4-pin connector Red and yellow led flashing and I stopped on step 4, red led not flashing 10 times after key inserted. But now after re-insert power - red led lit and no other reaction, yellow not flash.

asked Jun 21 in FAQ by Yevhenii Kaptanovskyi (180 points)

2 Answers

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What is the S/N to the evo key module?


Are you using a black key or grey key for programming? Is it an OEM key or an aftermarket key?
answered Jun 21 by derek ! (277,630 points)
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SN 002A02109070

I use black key. Only one was with the car
answered Jun 21 by Yevhenii Kaptanovskyi (180 points)
If the red led does not flash when inserting the key I would re check your RX, TX and key sense connections.
I checked it, but now red and yellow not flashing when I powerup it with programming button pushed.
If the lights on the evo key do not turn on when inserting the data link connector, verify power and ground on the data link connector. (red and black on the black 4 pin connector, red is power, black is ground).


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