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2009 Rx8 Key preogram

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Installing cm900 with evo all on a Mazda RX8 atomatic standard key, evo won't program correctly. Try with 1 key and 2 still the same. Everything lights up but no cranck. Aso change protocal to Fortin still those the same thing. Not sure what I'm missing.


Thank you
asked May 24 in Mazda by eric maldonado (270 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N number on the back of the evo-all module?


Just to confirm is this the guide you have followed? https://fortin.ca/download/80971/evo-all_ig_reg_bi_maz-rx-8_2003-2011-key_a_80971.pdf
answered May 24 by derek ! (279,120 points)
I would suggest re programming it 1 more time following the 1 key dcryptor method.


Then turn off option D2 in the bypass. To do this you will need to be in pro mode, click the gear in the upper right hand corner, then click go to pro mode. Once there turn off "settings protection" then you will be able to turn off d2 and click save options.


Re test.


If it still does not start please observe the led's on the evo when trying to remote start and report back what they do when sending start.
Ok Thanks, on the #80971 guide just go to page 6 for the 1 key program.
Correct pages 6 & 7.
Thamk You will give it try


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