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Evo one only responds when its in valet mode

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Evo one s/n 002B04108567 programs correctly with 2010 dodge challenger standard key wire to wire oem key fob and blue light flashes after when pressing lock or unlock , yellow light turns on when starting the car. The problem is minutes later the unit appears to end in in valet mode , red light on the side near yellow cut wire is on. When I take the unit out of valet mode , red light turns off but I no longer receive the blue light when locking or unlocking the car with the oem fob. When I attempt to remote start the car 3x lock the eed light turns on then the yellow light turns on but the car doesn't crank at all and only attempts to try 1x even though programming is set for 2x attempts. Then I get 4 clicks or flashes from the module. I followed guide #94481 for installation and have tried the basic bear options with my flash link 2 updater on 59.02 and 74 38 and 1 25 firmwares. I notice to anytime I try to run the module on the FL updater the FL updater has to be updated each and every time with 4 05 ? Any help appreciated , no oem alarm
asked May 2, 2022 in Dodge by keith lawley (230 points)
edited May 2, 2022 by keith lawley

1 Answer

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Looking at the hisotry of this module, this has been going on since nov of 2020. The module has reached its flash limit numerous times and been reset numerous times as well.


I suggest calling into technical support when you have the vehicle, module and flasher on hand so we can go through the process together.



9-530 est

answered May 2, 2022 by derek ! (294,320 points)
Yea that's sad ain't it ! Followed the guide wire for wire and have had others confirm the connections to reassure I'm not going crazy !