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I have 2008 Honda Odyssey installed the Evo-one & Evo-Start2 with factory fob 3 times lock and App they are work perfect.

 i have one problem when use Evostart 2 app open sliding door only left sliding door work ,but right side doesn't work.

If i want both doors to work use the aux output (yellow/black) of the evo one connect to right side sliding door what colour wire of the car. i used guide # 86291 but didn't see it for sliding door wire, can you show me where it locate that wire and diagram?

Thank you very much.




in Honda by dkjhuynh (420 points)

1 Answer

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It looks like its quite a bit more than simply connecting the wire to the vehicle. 


Here is the diagram from wire color for connecting the sliding doors. 

by Derek (263k points)