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Remote start works as intended. This car has what is called SCBS (Smart City Braking Support).  If I start the car remotely, I get a 'SCBS Malfunction. SCBS disabled' message on the dashboard. After takeover and engaging regular drive, this message does not go away. The trouble will not clear even after turning the ignition off and restarting normally with the start button. Only if the car has been off for more than ~15-20 mins, the trouble disappears the next time I start the car with the start button as usual. I'm wondering if there's a specific setting I have to change in the configuration. Thanks in advance.
in Mazda by Osman Sarpas (130 points)

1 Answer

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What is the S/N to the module? The S/N is located on the back of the unit.
by Derek (263k points)
s/n: xxxxxx xxxxxx
Your module does appear to be set up correctly.

For this error, at this time I suggest you turn on option D3 - door open shut down in the bypass options. This will cause the vehicle to shut off when the door is opened. When you re start the vehicle normally there should be no more error message for the scbs system.

Best Regards.