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R35 GTR EVO-all Engine Starting but then nothing works.

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Hi Team


R35 GTR EVO-all



Installation and connection types I currently have the following set: Standalone Installation, T-harness, built in alarm


Hit the Triple lock on factory fob,  rear lights turn on (no fronts) doors lock, engine starts but doors won't unlock and triple tap of the lock button does nothing. Only thing to do is to open the door which kills the motor as it should.



Key learn seems to work however at step 4 we double press the program button it flashes yellow as per the guide however instead of going solid yellow, it actually goes solid Blue, Yellow, and Red. Step 5 it pretty much does nothing because all three colors are already lit.


Step 6 blue light does the flashing and everything seems to complete successfully.



Any assistance would be hugely appreciated as we are so close but somethings up, I read somewhere that from factory the fob does nothing once the car is running so I wonder if the unit is not interrupting this factory system as it should.


Thanks in Advance


asked Mar 10, 2022 in Nissan by Daniel Brice (130 points)

1 Answer

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I can assist you with this, first I will need the S/N number on the back of the module please.


To confirm your issue is that the OEM remote does not function once the vehicle is remote started?
answered Mar 10, 2022 by derek ! (285,990 points)
Yes thats correct

If you start the vehicle normally via the pts button and the brake, does the oem remote work when the car is running?

Thanks Derik

If I start normally with PTS the factory remote does not function.

As a side note: When I the hit lock button after the car is running it makes the factory error sound as it did prior to fortin install

We remote start this vehicle the same way a human would start it. We press on the brake pedal and press on the pts button.


If the remote does not work when the vehicle is started normally, then it will not work once remote started.


An rf kit would be required in this case.
Thanks Derik that makes sense.

We want to extend the range also so that will work out well.

Thanks for your help