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Remote 642w not working after successful pairing,but works from OEM remote

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Installed new remote 642w and successfully paired with evo one module, but not working at all . Option for this remote H2 is on . Evo one works fine from OEM remote. What others hidden problems can be? It's for 2013 vw Passat. Thank you for replying!
asked Mar 6, 2022 in Volkswagen by anatoliy guzovatyy (130 points)

1 Answer

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Were did you plug the antenna into on the evo one?


What pairing procedure did you follow to pair the 64-2 remotes to the evo one?
answered Mar 7, 2022 by derek ! (284,570 points)
I have that-vw6 wiring and also bought with this remote adapter fr-A2a ,everything was plugged correctly., there no other way to do it,like I said evo one accepted both remotes ,but they don't do anything . I followed instructions on web site fortin.ca for this remote. If I change in programming of evo one option H2 to H1 remote only open doors and nothing else no matter what button on remote you press.if I change it back to option H2 like manual telling,then remote don't even respond
If you are using an evo-one, the rfa2a adapter is not needed. the antenna should be connected directly into the small BLUE port on the side of the evo-one.


H2 only exists on evo-all, are you sure you have an evo-one? What is the s/n number on the back of the module?
My apology it's evo all.s/n001A07224770.
Please turn off option A14 and option B2.


Once that is done re pair the rf kit to the evo-all and re test (pages 3&4). When you pair the remote make sure blue & red blink on the evo after each remote.




If you are still having issues after this please contact technical support directly so we can walk you through the pairing procedure.


Thank you so much! It did work for me. Blessings!!!
Glad you got it going.


Best regards.