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2014 A4 key port/push start EVO ALL key not programming

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Hello!!! i purchaced the EVO RS system for my 2014 A4 key port/ push start. I plugged T-Harness to the key port, tapped into the CAN wires and Brake pedal sensor. I have the EVO ALL module programmed to stand alone function and the current Software on it is 60.10 - recommended. I am trying to programm my key, but when i get to the last step, i am not seeing the red and yellow light alternate. All i get is the red light flashing 3 times.

Has any one had this issue? any suggestions? thank you!
closed with the note: Client already called into support. being delt with via phone.
asked Feb 23, 2022 in Audi by jhon quintero (130 points)
closed Feb 24, 2022 by derek !