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US vs CA Model?

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2019 Honda Pilot PTS EVO-ONE THAR-HON8 T Harness Install with takeover. Telling me to plug the grey 12 pin connector on the T Harness to Plug that is located at steering lock module under steering column. I looked this up and only the CA and Mexican built versions of the pilot have this Steering lock module installed. This is not on my Pilot. Can I get a picture of where I am supposed to plug this in if I dont have that module under my steering wheel as I cant find it for the life of me.Im assuming that with the wire thats coming from the EVO-ONE saying its a bypass and it being connected to a steering lock module on the other model, maybe some sort of immobelizer or something? Any help would be super appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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asked Feb 19 in Honda by Ryan McAlpine (230 points)
closed Feb 26 by Ryan McAlpine

1 Answer

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if your car equipped with it you then plug it, its Steering Lock Module under steering column, gray 12 pin plug,
answered Feb 20 by Haidar Jabbar (21,370 points)
selected Feb 28 by JM
Sweet thanks for the help


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